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VIDEO SOLUTIONS ~ 11366 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA. 91604 - 818.509.9316

 Video Solutions  offers a wide range of  post-production services for all types of video, and high definition projects. Using the latest technology, Video Solutions, is able to accommodate virtually all different forms of media. We work with a variety of producers on a wide range of project types such as Infomercials, MUSIC VIDEOS, documentaries, commercials, WEB DESIGN, and corporate training videos. Video Solutions Editing offers superior non-linear editing capabilities to meet the needs of any project. With  creative, and technical expertise, Video Solutions can output your project efficiently while maintaining quality. Our editors are experienced in all aspects of the industry providing a higher level of knowledge and creative input. Beyond the edit bay, After editing you can take your finished project to the next step, whether it be DVD or for broadcast.
Our facilities include completely uncompressed edit suites featuring Avid Adrenaline bay and an
Avid Xpress HD. We can handle many of today's most popular formats in both standard and high definition. Video Solutions offers a relaxed & comfortable atmosphere
To aid in the creative process. Call or stop by for a quote on your project today.

contact us at: videosolutionsla@gmail.com